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Tines newsletter – Introducing Teams
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Introducing Teams
We built Teams to allow you to invite as many other users as you want to the Tines platform, and to allow you to keep your sensitive and critical stories separate to and private from other users.
Create ‘Teams’ to manage your stories, credentials and resources within Tines. When you log in to Tines you’ll see a new menu on the left hand side showing all teams you are a member of. You’ll be able to create a new team, add and delete members, and you’ll have the ability to create folders within Teams to manage your stories more cleanly. Learn more.
Upcoming Webinar
Automating Dectection and Response with Tines and Auth0!
Rounding out our deep-drive series with Auth0, join us on Tuesday, January 26th as Brandon Maxwell, Detection & Response Manager at Auth0, explains how Tines helps the Detection & Response team enhance their Alert Development Lifecycle. Meanwhile read the previous Auth0 blogs here: Alert Automation and Response with Auth0 & Security Chatbots with Auth0
CrowdStrike Store Launch
We’re delighted to announce the launch of Tines Partner App in the CrowdStrike store. It is now easier than ever to organise the easy automation of your Falcon workflows right from the CrowdStrike App Store. Learn more in our launch video.
Getting Started with TheHive Automation
TheHive is a full-featured Scalable, Open Source and free Security Incident Response Platform. Tines is a peer leader in Security Automation. Several large and small companies, including Auth0, use both Tines and TheHive to automate their Incident Response processes. In this blog we’ll learn how to use the TheHive API together with Tines to automate the creation of alerts from the cases from phishing emails and more. Read more
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